PHP Crash Course for FYP

FYP students doing Web Application development are invited to attend this crash-course.
***ONLINE FORM provided at the bottom of this post.

Slide: Discussion on BootStrap
Materials: Template with BootStrap Flat-UI <DOWNLOAD>

{IDE –Editor PHPStorm preferable – download here }

Part 1 – Self Learning
HTML- HTML references
Basics of PHP
  • Chapter 01: Intro to PHP 
  • Chapter 02: PHP Syntax 
  • Chapter 03: Form Interactions
  • Chapter 04: PHP Operators
  • Chapter 05: Array 
  • Chapter 06: Selection Structures
  • Chapter 07: Repetition Structures
  • Additional Chapters for Web Programming I
  • String Manipulations
  • Upload File to the Web Server
  • Sessions
  • Functions in PHP
Part 2 – Day 1 – Database basics
  • Applying BootStrap as on the Client-side.
  • Chapter 08: Tools for Web Application Development 
  • Chapter 09: Record Listing using SELECT
  • Chapter 10: Search Record using SELECT
  • Chapter 11: Inserting a New Record using INSERT 
Part 3 – Day 2 – Developing System with Parameterized Security
  • Chapter 12: DELETE an Existing Record 
  • Chapter 13: UPDATE an Existing Record
  • Chapter 14: Logging in using Username and Password 
  • Chapter 15: Server-side Session  
  • Chapter 16: Securing the System’s Parameter using Session 
Download PHP Notes
Download the complete PHP notes here

Template and the database: Soon to be uploaded


Easy tutorial to purchase apps in Google Play Store using Debit or Credit Card

This tutorial will demonstrate how to make an apps purchase in Google Play Store using ATM card with DEBIT facilities. The apps mentioned in this tutorial is SmartSolat. And the ATM bank card used is Bank Islam with VISA DEBIT facility.

The Bank Islam ATM with VISA debit facility
The CVC number (3 digits)


1. Search for SmartSolat apps in the Google Play Store

2. Tap on the button RM5.00 to start the purchase

3. Tap the ACCEPT button

4. Change the payment method

5. Choose Payment Methods

6. Add your new debit card

7. Key-in the debit/credit card number (16 digits on the front face of the card), the expiry month and year, and the CVC number (at the back of the card).and SAVE.

8. Tap on the BUY button

9. Wait till you app finished downloaded.

10. When the download process finished,  tap OPEN

11. Download ADOBE AIR as required (Adobe Air is the plug-in to play the SmartSolat app). It’s FREE by the way.


FINISH INSTALLATION– Alhamdulillah now you can start SMARTSOLAT from the launcher icon.

MOBIRISE - Easy Responsive Web page creating with BootStrap - Mobirise is an offline app for Window and Mac to easily create small/medium websites, landing pages, online resumes and portfolios, promo sites for apps, events, services and products.


  1. Easy responsive web page creation.
  2. 2. No code required.
  3. Support BootStrap HTML framework.
  4. Offline app.
  5. User friendly UI.
  6. Support block design.
  7. Very good for beginner, must TRY...
  1. Limited template.
  2. Less flexible design editing.

Add block.

Block setting.

Template for PHP database system - MyCompanyHR

Web Programming – PHP & MySQL
(with Boostrap HTML framework)

Template 1: Template for the Lab Exercise.
PHP mysql bootstrap flat-ui template
Download the template here -
  • You can import the MySQL database by importing the mycompanyhr.sql in MySQL server.
  • The template file is php-db-template.php
  • The files for inclusion are available at folder inc
    • dbconn.php
    • navbar.php
    • sidebar-menu.php
    • footer.php
  • CSS and JS folders are also availaable contain the FLAT-UI BootStrap framework.



Template 2: Template for the Project Assignment – Proceeding Simple Ssytem.
Download here -

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