Android Studio Training - 1&2 Oct 2016

Android Studio 2 Training - 1 & 2 Oct 2016 anjuran Jabatan Sains komputer, FSTM, KUIS.

  • Dates: 5th Series  1&2 Oct 2016

  • Siri4 5&6 March 2016, 8&9 Ogos 2015  Siri 1 28 Feb dan 1 Mac 2015 Siri 2 7 & 8 Mac 2015.
  • Time 0900am - 5pm
  • Venue: MK5, IT Block, Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (GPS: 2.891400, 101.789328 ).
  • Open for public
  • BYOL - Bring your own Laptop with RAM capacity >4GB. Install Android Studio
  • Lunch provided, certificate provided.

Fees - payment queries  0129034614

  • PAYMENT ON/BEFORE 25th Sept 2016
  • KUIS' Students RM50
  • Students of local IHLs RM100
  • Public(cash) RM250
  • Public(company check or LO) RM400

  • PAYMENT AFTER 25th Sept 2016
  • KUIS' Students RM75
  • Students of local IHLs RM150
  • Public(cash) RM375
  • Public(company check or LO) RM600

Course Outline

Make sure to install JDK1.8 & latest Android Studio prior to attending this training. 
Hari 1
0830am - 0900am

0900am - 1030am Intro to Android Apps Developement
1030am - 1130am Android Project Structure
1130am - 1230pm GUI Editor
1230pm - 200pm Lunch Break
2.00pm - 3.00pm GUI Editor cont.
3.00pm - 4.00pm Activity Life Cycle
4.00pm - 5.00pm Intent 
Hari 2
0900am - 1100am

1100am - 1230pm Local Database using SQLite
1230pm - 2.00pm Lunch Break
2.00pm - 3.00pm Menu & Multiple Activities
3.00pm - 4.30pm Publish App
4.30pm – 5.00pm Closing

Registration Form (Siri 5 - 1&2 Oct 2016)

GPS: 2.891400, 101.789328

Kenapa perlu hadiri kursus ini?
Statistik daripada IDC mengatakan Android menguasai lebih 80% pasaran telefon pintar dunia pada 2015. Penting untuk pelajar IT/Sains Komputer atau  pengaturcara tahu nak bangunkan applikasi Android.



Nota dan modul oleh - Mahmud ()

  1. Introduction to Android Apps Development
  2. Getting started
  3. Hello World
  4. jQuerymobile
  5. Demo App
  6. SQLite database

Modules from Siri4
1. Introduction Slide -
2. Android Studio Tutorial Part1 -
3. USB Android Debug Driver -
4. Slides for day 2 -
5. Android Studio Tutorial Part2 -
6. jSON APIs -

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We also provide personal coaching, 

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Joomla Training in Malaysia

Course Outline Joomla 3.6.2
  1. Introduction to Joomla and Website Management
  2. Joomla Installation
  3. Joomla Administrator – Control panel, Content,
  4. Menu - User Menu, Menu Manager
  5. Module, Component, Extension, Plugins
  6. Template Adjustment
  7. Exercises

Queries on the training +60129034614

ADMOB to generate money from Android apps

Image result for admob logo

ADMOB is a ads provider that developers may install in their mobile apps. The impressions of the ads in a mobile app could turn into commissions, which is an easy way to monetize your free apps.

Am doing step-by-step tutorials on how to install Admob ads in your Android apps using the latest Android Studio 2.1.3.

I've divided the tutorials in several STEPS;
Step 1: Register Admob by having an account with
Step 2: Add gradle dependencies
Step 3: Do a gradle sync.
Step 4: Add the Internet Access permission in AndroidManifest XML file.
Step 5: Add ADVIEW controller in the layout XML file.
Step 6: Call the AdRequest code in the JAVA file.
*Or maybe you'd like to jup straight to the video provided by the Admob support team. (Android Studio guide starts at 3:13) and no completed.

Provide us the strength to code...

Step 2: Add gradle dependencies
In the project folder, look for app folder, and the file build.gradle. As shown in the figure below, add the following code line;
  compile ''

Click more to read the whole tutorial...

ICON references

As a developer who codes, it's time consuming to design your own icons graphics. So why not use available ones. Should you have extra budget, then you could hire icon designer. Or else just download free options.
. has lots of icons to offer with various sizes.
The Icon Handbook is resource that guides you through the complete process of designing icons - from deciding on the correct metaphor, drawing clear & understandable symbols and implementing in your websites and apps. Includes the spec size of XXXHDPI, XXHDPI, XHDPI, HDPI and MDPI icons for Android development. Hope this article helps.

GenyMotion - alternatively faster Android emulator

The main reason to download Genymotion is simply because it is the better Android virtual device as compared to the official one provided by Google. Yes you may opt for real device debugging (which is the fastest). Yet when it comes to local database development, debugging the SQL file is not possible unless your device is rooted. Because the local database folder in Android is by default protected (need to be rooted to access them).

Download the freemium version here -->>

However you need to sign-up and login to the download page.

Choose "with Virrtual Box" if you have no virtualization software installed yet. Finish the download and install.

Once you've finished installing, just launch the Genymotion by clicking the shortcut icon.

Add a new device if you are a new user.

Contact us for personal coaching -->>

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