Android Studio Training ( Mobile Programming )

Course Outline

Pre-requisite: Know Java OOProgramming
Make sure to install the latest Android Studio prior to attending this training. 
Day 1
0830am - 0900am

0900am - 1030amIntro to Android Apps Development
Dowload Slide Here

1030am - 1130amBeginning Android Project
+ Module is here 
+ Graphic resources download here.

1130am - 1230pmGUI Editor
Spinner Module is Here
+ Better GUI Design
1230pm - 200pmLunch Break
2.00pm - 3.00pmSwipe ViewPager
 + Dowload Slide Here

3.00pm - 4.00pmMultiple Activities
+ Pass Arguments to Intent
+ Receiving parameters using name-value-pair.

4.00pm - 5.00pmPublishing to Google Playstore
Generate Signed APK
+ Publishing App
Slide Download Here

0900am - 1100am
+ Offline Database
Slide download here

1100am - 1300pmGoogle Maps Activity + view

With JSON - Setting up local server & database
+ Login facilities
Day 3
+ Insert a new record
+ Listing & Search

+ Extra shuold time available: Hybrid Apps without Coding

UNITEN firebase module
Online database with Google FIREBASE
+ Download slide here 
+ Code sample in GitHub -
+ Database sample structure file download here

Retrieve and display records from FIREBASE
+ Download slides here


IDE Softwares/Android Studio
(installation will not be covered as it requires downloading big files for additional plugins, kindly install everything prior to attending the training).
ANDROID STUDIO installation (suggested RAM 8GB) - download at
+ Android Studio - make sure to test the installation by creating a new Android project.
+ Make sure to test the emulator (Android virtual device)
+ Warning: all the software need to be downloaded. Requires fast internet line, >2GB (Android Studio & the emulator)

Debugging in Actual Device (phone)
Hardwares/PC requirements
+ on PC - Install the universal ADB debug bridge (eg: )
+ USB data cable

Phone requirements
Should the participants require testing on OWN DEVICE, make sure the phone;
+ developer options enabled, (by tapping 7times to the kernel version - setting, about phone)
+ USB debugging enabled,
+ install via USB enabled,

NEXT - 10th iteration Android Studio 2.3 Training 16 & 17 December 2017 .
  • Venue: Computer Lab 5, FSTM,KUIS ( maps 
  • Time 0900am - 5pm
  • Open TO ALL
  • Fee: Community Service - pay what you can afford (meals & cert not provided)
  • Registration/Payment queries  Khairul 0129034614
Pre-requisite: Good if you know Java or any Programming language

  • BYOL – Bring your own Laptop with RAM capacity >6GB. Install Android Studio 
  • Make sure to install Android Studio prior to attending this training.
  • Bring also a USB data cable and your Android device.

What is Android Studio?
Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android platform development.

Based on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software, Android Studio is designed specifically for Android development. It is available for download on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and replaced Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) as Google's primary IDE for native Android application development.

What will be covered in this training?
The participants will be guided to create an Android app project, and how to handle the project codes and resources. We will add basic GUIs such as textbox, label, button, image, menus, screens and activities.
The second day will be covering multiple screen interactions, local database, and maps. At the end of the training we will generate Android installer file (APK) and publish it to the Google Playstore.

Registration Form

Kursus Laravel

Sesi LARAVEL seterusnya: 5 & 6 NOVEMBER 2018 (selesai)
Tempat : Makmal Komputer 5, Bangunan Teknologi Maklumat KUIS ( maps
Prasyarat: tahu HTML (Bootstrap) & PHP. 

Perisian (sila install sendiri sebelum datang kursus): LARAGON, dicadangkan kod editor PHPStorm atau Eclipse for PHP. 

Cuma nak kongsi apa yang kami tahu. Supaya mudah nak kick off projek guna Laravel PHP framework. Belum terrorists lagi. Tapi katanya kalau kita kongsi, yang sikit akan jadi banyak. Pasal ilmu bukan fizikal sifatnya. Lagi banyak dikongsi lagi besar dia tumbuh. InsyaAllah
Kursus khidmat komuniti FSTM Laravel, dua hari sahaja. Bersama trainer Khirulnizam Abd Rahman.
Tarikh: 27 Januari 2018 (9am - 5pm) (Selesai)
Sesi 3: 14 & 15 Julai 2018 (selesai)
YURAN: RM20 (dengan sijil) khas untuk pelajar #FSTMKUIS shj, walk in RM200
Pelajar non-KUIS: RM50, walk-in RM200.
Peserta luar: RM100 sehingga walk-in RM200.
PENDAFTARAN: sila mesej kami di
Laptop & line Internet bawa sendiri. Tiada makanan disediakan. Sijil/resit tertakluk kepada permintaan.
T0: Pengenalan Laravel ( )
T1: Kaedah install & guna Laragon ( )
T2: Asas CRUD dalam Laravel ( )
T3: Penukaran tema/template antaramuka sistem Laravel ( )
T4: Carian rekod dalam Laravel 5.6 ( )
T5: Kemaskini dan padam rekod dalam modul Laravel 5.6 ( )
T6:Paparan carian dengan pagination dalam Laravel 5.6 (  )
PHPStorm IDE yang lebih baik untuk Laravel ( )
Kod Sumber dalam GITHUB -
Bahan kursus - download materials di sini

Slide1 - begining Laravel using LARAGON
Slide 2 - Laravel basic CRUD

Rangka Kursus
Day 1
  • Laravel Project Structure
  • Login Module Example
  • Routing
  • Controller
  • Interface
  • Database
  • Migration
  • Model
Day 2: Project Example: Search and CRUD.

Kursus-kursus yang telah dijalankan.

Bersama peserta2 sesi perkongsian Laravel/PHP di Kolej Vokasional Sepang, 27 & 28 Mac 2018.

Bersama peserta2 sesi perkongsian PHP dari Kolej Vokasional Shah Alam, April 2018.

Bersama pelajar FYP / latihan industri #FSTMKUIS - HTML5 + Bootstrap + responsive web

KHIRULNIZAM ABD RAHMAN, Pensyarah Jabatan Sains Komputer, FSTM KUIS.
Beliau merupakan seorang trainer dalam bidang pengaturcaraan server dan antaramuka web (web front-end & backend) semenjak tahun 2000. Disamping itu juga amat berminat dalam pembangunan applikasi mobile Android, JSON, LARAVEL dan PHP-MySQL.
Antara kursus yang beliau kendalikan;
  1. Android Studio
  2. Pembangunan Web dengan PHP&MySQL
  3. Pembangunan Sistem Web menggunakan kerangka Laravel
Blog peribadi beliau di . Beliau boleh dihubungi melalui email , atau Whatsapp:

Laravel - for a start

Slides at

TMMT6053 Advance Web Development - download proforma

Advantages of PHP Framework

There have been multiple advantages of PHP framework, while developing a website with a PHP framework. Utilizing the PHP framework can encourage website developers to show their best efforts.
  1. PHP framework inbuilt with robust functions: This framework is built with an excellent set of functions; you can abridge tough tasks and get quick results from PHP coding. PHP framework is freeware with various functions; utilizing these functions you can simplify the code in PHP.
  2. Database is a vital point: Database is the crucial factor for each project. It is the central point, where the entire data of the project are saved and called for, when required. MySQL is utilized for the database requirements for PHP.
  3. Use wire-frame before coding: It is always beneficial to use wire frame before you start coding in PHP. The practice of using wire-frame, boost your web development projects effectively. Make sure the wire-frame club and all its elements are integrated perfectly. 
  4. MVC – The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern helps you tier your code for easier maintenance. By keeping the data-manipulating logic separate from the bits that handle the display, you make it much easier to change either the template or the underlying code without touching the other.
  5. Bundled classes – A framework includes classes and helper functions for common tasks, such as database access, pagination, and form handling. Not to mention smaller things, like truncating text to a specific word/character count.
  6. Rapid development – Frameworks help you create a small to medium-sized application much quicker than if you wrote everything from scratch. If you’re in a hurry, using a framework will help you finish things before you reach that looming deadline.

MVC in Laravel 

LARAGON - compiled tools
(Laragon official download/docs site)

What is Laragon?
Laragon is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. It is fast, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-extend.

Why Laragon?
Laragon is great for building and managing modern web applications. It is focused on performance - designed around stability, simplicity, flexibility and freedom.

Laragon improves web development. Developers all over the world are using Laragon to make apps quickly and easily. It is used by thousands of developers with loves. You can check out the Testimonials to see how users think of Laragon and it’s features page for more details.

NodeJS =
Composer PHP package manager
Text Editor/ PHP storm

In your command prompt (cmd) – run as administrator
composer –v       (open source package manager)  to run LARAVEL
git –v                 (versioning control)
npm –v
php –v               (>PHP v5.6)
Do make sure all tools are installed and ready.

DOWNLOAD LARAVEL module to composer
composer global require "laravel/installer"
Expect a long download project package for the first time.
Laravel Project Folder
laravel new hr         (download the Laravel project template)
cd hr
php artisan serve (to ON the project server)
(Artisan is the name of the command-line interface included with Laravel. It provides a number of helpful commands for use while developing your application)
GO to your browser and test
Concept of MVC – model view controller
In web environment ----> Routing –> Controller –> View(Presentation) –> Model(DB)

To make Controller – its the logic/process. In cmd
php artisan make:controller PagesController

to Pages –> Home, About, Contact

Have your database ready
In .env  - edit database configuration settings.
PHP ARTISAN MIGRATE to dump the users login content
Migration HRdb
php artisan make:migration create_employees_table
Best practice to have the same name as the table name. Table name plural, model name singular.
php artisan make:model Employee
php artisan make:model Department
php artisan make:model Job
SEEDER - to populate predefined data
php artisan make:seeder JobTableSeeder
php artisan db:seed –-class=JobTableSeeder


Validation – custom REQUEST
C:\hr>php artisan make:request Employee\AddRequest

MANY TO MANY with bridge-table

php artisan make:migration create_employee_project_table

Cuma nak kongsi apa yang kami tahu. Supaya mudah nak kick off projek guna Laravel PHP framework. Belum terrorists lagi. Tapi katanya kalau kita kongsi, yang sikit akan jadi banyak. Pasal ilmu bukan fizikal sifatnya. Lagi banyak dikongsi lagi besar dia tumbuh. InsyaAllah 

Kursus khidmat komuniti FSTM Laravel. Jangka satu hari sahaja. Bersama trainer Khirulnizam Abd Rahman.

Tarikh: 27 Januari 2018 (9am - 5pm) (DIBATALKAN kerana kurang penyertaan)
Tempat : Makmal Komputer 5, Bangunan Teknologi Maklumat KUIS ( maps )

Prasyarat: tahu HTML (Bootstrap) & PHP.
Perisian (sila install sendiri sebelum datang kursus): LARAGON, dicadangkan kod editor PHPStorm atau Eclipse for PHP.
Laptop & line Internet sendiri. Tiada makanan disediakan. Sijil tertakluk kepada permintaan.

Course Outline

Day 1
Laravel Project Structure
Login Module Example
+ Routing
+ Controller
+ Interface
+ Database 
+ Migration
+ Model
+ Example: Employee Search & Pagination

Kaedah Install Laragon (developing)

PHP Course Module
SQLdump download : mycompanyhr.sql
Slide: Discussion on BootStrap
Materials: Template with BootStrap Flat-UI <DOWNLOAD>

Part 1 – Client-side
HTML- HTML references
Basics of PHP

Part 2 – Database basics
  • Chapter 08:  (PDF) Tools for Web Application Development 
  • Chapter 09:  (PDF) Record Listing using SELECT
  • Chapter 10:  (PDF) Search Record using SELECT
  • Chapter 11:  (PDF) Inserting a New Record using INSERT

Part 3 – Intermediate DB – Developing System with Parameterized Security
  • Chapter 12:  (PDF) DELETE an Existing Record 
  • Chapter 13:  (PDF) UPDATE an Existing Record
  • Chapter 14:  (PDF) Logging in using Username and Password 
  • Chapter 15:  (PDF) Server-side Session  
  • Chapter 16:  (PDF) Securing the System’s Parameter using Session
  • Chapter 17:  (PDF) Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap 

Template sample sistem and the database: Download here;

PHP training

TRAINING on Web Database Development using PHP & MySQL

**Suggested content (any changes are most welcome)

1st Day
09.00-10.30 Introduction to Web Application Development

11.00-12.30 Basic HTML and Forms

2.00-5.00 Intro to PHP (Syntax, Variable, Array, Operators dan Query String )
2nd Day
09.00-10.30 Arithmetic Operators dan Boolean Expressions

11.00-12.30 Control Structures in PHP (Selection and Repetition)

2.00-5.00 SQL
3rd Day
09.00-10.30 Database Connection
Record listing

11.00-12.30 Record Searching
Insert a new Record

2.00-5.00 Update a Record
Delete a Record
4th Day
09.00-10.30 Implementing Login and Password

11.00-12.30 Session Control

2.00-5.00 Web Application Security Considerations

Khirulnizam +60129034614 (

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