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ASK kerul pls...

Ask me please, just click the button...

Any question related to the web, PHP, database, internet, this blog, my papers, or anything. I'll answer to you as soon as I can, if related to my domain. If not I'll try to find out from Google and provide you a link that can help you solve a problem.

Sincerely, kerul.


  1. wah =x bgs nih =]

  2. 1)what the disadvantages of CSP?
    2)my blogger cannot open because almost 2 months i not sign in.what should i do?

  3. En.Kerul,
    1.Boleh tidak,kalau kita sudah develop satu php page and macam mana kita nak masukkan page php tu dalam joomla?.
    2.Kalau kita develop guna joomla adakah kita perlu lagi buat design ERD dalam project yang kita hendak bangunkan?

  4. dear umi,

    I'm not sure what is CSP, pls define...

    cannot sign into blogger? pls refer to blog help

  5. dear alif,

    YES, we can embed PHP into Jommla, pls refer to Azam(

    Just do the part you develop...

  6. Salam..En Kerul,Bole x bagi tips soalan final? Soalan apa yang bakal kelur nanti.

  7. Dear anonymous, pls provide your identity, or otherwise I will not entertain your question.

  8. what different of web server and web browser??I confuse about them...

  9. salam Dear Cik Kerul

    this is taha moctar i just would like to know if you would be able to help me out... how to become a good web developer?


  10. just 2 ask u,if i want to develop a tool for detect plagiarism in java assignment,i want to use halstead metric and apply this method to test the correctness of halstead metric can perform better or can i get the algorithm to build this tool

  11. Salam en kerul
    Ada bt training PHP lg dok?

  12. Dear fatiee, I'm still a PHP advocate. And I do several trainings in PHP. I'll be doing free training on PHP next March in KUIS. Not sure what day, and when to start. Update is in this blog...

    If u want me to come to ur place, just call me to discuss the details.

  13. En kerul, saya suka baju-T yang anda pakai.

    Di Kolej Tebrau dulu en kerul pensyarah ke?

    Saya di sana dari tahun 1998-2000.

  14. aslmkm,i want to ask u about my blog.

    im forgot my password.what im suppose to do?i was tries hardest to remember my password but im failed.

    umi baizura

  15. aslmkm,i want to ask u about my blog.

    im forgot my password.what im suppose to do?i was tries hardest to remember my password but im failed.

    umi baizura

  16. salam.. sy nak buat sistem php di mana sy leh update monthly record dgn mggunakan checkbox. abg ada tak sample sistem yg leh wat monthly update?

  17. Dear SakamotoMiharu,

    Setakat ni xder contoh lagi...

    What I can suggest is, try to look for cron job in Linux or Unix.

    This cron job is a scheduler, it can execute PHP files...

  18. salam.en.kerul,

    -Boleh x bg idea camne nak promote website via online?

  19. Dear Nurul Syazani,

    I have some articles in promoting websites through search engine;


    Hope they can help...

  20. Dear Firda,

    I think I do remember u...

    Anyway, the t-shirt is a sponsored by Moicrosoft Windows Mobile...

    Yes, I was in Kolej Tebrau in 1999-2000.

  21. itu nm webhosting sy tp disini sy menemukan masalah dengan coding ketika user register successfull data yang user register tidak masuk pada data base sy, tolong bantu apa maslah dengan coding sy di bawah ini adalah adalah coding untuk databse

    $sql = "insert into friend ('$username', '$password', '$fname', '$lname', '$gender', '$birthday', '$day', '$year', '$country', 'phone','$email'";

    terima kasih

  22. Dear Nugie Doank,
    Info tidak cukup. But try use mysql_error() function rujuk ->

  23. salam, encik kerul. sy nak tanya tentang joomla.
    boleh sy dapatkan email encik kerul?

  24. Sila perkenalkan diri anda sekiranya ingin berurusan dengan saya. Bukan itu lebih baik dan lebih hormat. Bukankah anda telah diajar oleh guru dan ibu bapa agar hormat dengan orang, terutamanya bila kita ingin meminta bantuan orang lain. Bukan kah itu juga merupakan 'common sense' .

    Sila gunakan borang ini utk menghantar mesej ke email saya;


  25. salam. nama saya Nor. saya dah try ke pautan yg sdr kerul beri utk email, tp page not found. so saya just taip disini saja.
    saya baru install joomla 1.7 di salam cpanel. tetapi tak tahu apa tindakan selanjutnya. saya cuba masuk melalui link administration yg dibagi , tetapi tak boleh dan keluar ini 'You do not have access to the administrator section of this site'. sebelum tu sy dah register. dan link yg lagi satu (,boleh pulak. cume dalam tu kosong tak ada ape2

  26. Salam..en. kerul,sy gnakan joomla virtuemart hdpi mslah mengenai pyment method paypal...
    pas ordr n nk byar gnakan paypal, dia xleh nk run..bla kta nk checkout paypal tu dia akn ckp ada error..
    sy dh enablekn paypal kt pymnt method tp xleh gak...mcm mna ek??

  27. semekom en.kerol, cmne nk kuarkan video stream dari webcam ke browser??crome atau mozila..adakah webcam punya driver perlu diintergrate skali nga coding tu??langsung xdak idea ni..^_^

  28. hey...
    can u give me some suggestion about how to text view the text app in apk


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