At last, viva...

Last Thursday (24 Apr 2008) was my viva. The thesis is title is Automated Programming Assessment for Basic C Programming Exercises using Pseudocode Comparison Technique.

As expected there are a lot of correction or amendment I need to do coz the thesis was in rush.

Thank god, it will be over soon. I started my masters' degree on November 2001 on part-time mode. I changed the research title 3 times. I started when my first child was 2 months old. Having gone through too much trials an tribulations, at the end I did my viva. Now I have 3 children and the 3rd is 1 and a half year-old. The first child is now almost 7 year-old.

Thanx a lot to my beloved wife, Acik and my cute children, Luqman, Muna and Amir...

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