mySkills 2008

mySkills is a skill competition for the skill-based (vocational) training institution instructors. I'm actually one of the judge for Web Design category. I don't consider myself good in designing, however I think I can do very well in the scripting part of web development.

SO right now I'm just sitting and monitoring the participant doing their development. Today is the final day of the competition, tomorrow I need to be here(CIAST, Shah Alam) again for the evaluation.

The prizes are extremely luxurious;
Platinum medalist - RM 10,000.00 dan sijil

Gold medalist - RM 7,000.00 dan sijil

Silver medalist - RM 5,000.00 dan sijil

Bronze medalist - RM 3,000.00 dan sijil

Consolation- RM 500.00 dan sijil

If u visit this blog on 2009, try to visit this website fo more info on the mySkills 2009 ->

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