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  • Download the teaching plan here for Web/Internet Programming (download)



Lab 1: Basic HTML and tags
Lab 2: Bullets and Numbering
Lab 3: Table
Lab 4: Forms


Web Programming
Please download all the slides here http://bit.ly/php-ipb


Topics for Session II 2008/09
For Web/Internet Programming I
  1. Web Browsers (download here – skydrive.com)
  2. Internet and the WWW (download here – skydrive.com )
  3. Searching the Internet jungle (download here - skydrive)
  4. HTML and Web 2.0 (download here - skydrive)
  5. Client-side programming (download here – skydrive )
  6. Server-side Programming (download here - skydrive)
  7. Open-source software (download here - skydrive)
  8. Internet/Web fraud (download here - skydrive)
  9. WAP (Haikal, BCNT) download here - skydrive
For Web/Internet Programming II
  1. Renting a Webspace (download here – skydrive.com ).
  2. FTP for Remote File Transferring ().
  3. Blogging using Blogger.com (download here – skydrive.com).
  4. Content Management System using Joomla! (download here – alifsrk.blogspot.com).
  5. Starting an E-Business using VirtueMart (download here - violetfrangipani89.blogspot.com).
  6. Earning money through Online Advertising (using Google AdSense)-download here – skydrive.com.
  7. Selling product online through auctioning (using eBay.com.my) - download here – skydrive.com.
  8. E-Learning using Claroline - download here – skydrive.com.
  9. Online Discussion using phpBB - download here – skydrive.com.
  10. Web Application Security (download here – skydrive.com).
Lab Exercises (Codes)

EMAIL contact

EXAM SAMPLES – Download here -at skydrive
- HTML Tutorials – Simple yet easy to understand – w3schools.com
- Official Manual for PHP – php.net
- Tools: Xampp, Apache, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, EasyEclipse for PHP (IDE)
- PHP discussion in Malay - php.net.my
- PHP Tutorials for Beginner – tizag.com/phpT
- PHP Tutorial in Malay – ejoe.net
- Free web host: dhost.info, 110mb.com, freewebs.com, frihost.com, more from clickherefree.com
- Panduan Membuat blog (blogger.com) dan AdSense, download di sini
- Download Windows Live Writer (a superb offline blog post editor)
OVERVIEW about Web Programming & PHP
What is dynamic website / active server pages?
Web site that provide web pages that the content may change with regard to the change of the variables, such as users, browsers, geography, records in the database, etc…

What is PHP?
  • PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • Used to develop dynamic website
  • It is a server-side language.
  • The PHP script embedded in the web page.
  • The script is run (interpreted) on your web server, and the output from the process is inserted to the web page as a part of the content before transmitted to the browser.
  • The script won’t be sent to the browser which request the web page, so the script is not visible to the users.
  • It supports many database management system (MySQL, Oracle, Postgre, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, etc).


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