1. Currently developing a Malay-Arabic Online Multimedia Dictionary with a team of researchers from KUIS, using PHP & MySQL.
  2. Website development and maintenance for the International Conference on Entrepreneurship 2008 (ICE2008), organised by Faculty of Management and Muamalah, Selangor International Islamic University College.
  3. Developing an automatic programming assessment to access students C programming exercises, using PHP & MySQL.
  4. Research titled “Online C Compiler” for master thesis. The project is on developing a C compiler that can work on the internet, using the HTML, Javascript and Java Servlet technology. Feel free to view part of the codes…
  5. Course management system for short-courses using PHP & MySQL.
  6. Contact management systems using PHP & MySQL.
  7. Online test management system using ASP & Access.
  8. Website development and maintenance for Islamic Management Conference 2004 organized by KUIS, using PHP & MySQL.
  9. Compression using Huffman algorithm (using C). View the codes…
  10. Decompression of Huffman code (using C). View the codes…
  11. Translator of Roman character into Jawi character in Malay text using Visual Basic 6.
  12. Electrical Appliances Management System for Buildings using Visual Basic 6.

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