Personalised Coaching on E-Commerce Portal Development

We provide hands-on personalized coaching on developing a web portal. This service is created to cater the e-business enthusiast in developing their own web portal for E-Business. Very suitable for new e-business entrepreneur.

These are the basic module in this training (anyway, it's up to you to decide topics suitable to you).

Course Content:
1. Selecting a domain name.
2. Registering a domain name and web hosting.
3. Transferring the files.
4. Installing and customizing a web portal using Joomla! CMS.
5. Maintaining the portal.
6. Customizing the E-commerce facilities.
7. Selling your product through the portal.
8. Deciding for payment options.
9. Securities concern.
*the content is highly customisable

Duration of the course:
2 days (minimum).
We provide the place and facilities, you provide the date...

1. Khirulnizam +60129034614 (

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