Automated Programming Assessment using the Pseudocode Comparison Technique: Does It Really Work?

I've just presented a paper on the result of the testing for my application on automated programming assessment. The abstract is as below. However I couldn't share the full text coz I've signed copyright deal with IEEE. The full paper is available here, from .

Abstract: Automated programming assessment is a method to evaluate and grade students’ programming exercises aided by the computer. This application is developed to assess student C programming exercises based on the pseudo codes. The purpose of developing this application is to find the percentage of the pseudo code similarity between student’s answer and the instructor’s scheme. The method used in the software is by translating the students’ programming answer and all the instructors’ answer schemes into pseudo code. The software will compare the students’ pseudo code with all the pseudo code from the instructors’ answer schemes. The highest percentage of similarities will be chosen for the mark. A test has been carried out to compare marks given by the software against the marks given manually by the instructor. The result is discussed in this paper.

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