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Simple search – result appears in the same page

This PHP code is a simple search example. It needs the user to enter a name and the PHP script will to the searching by the name provided by the user in the text box.

<form name='search' method='get' action=''>

Insert the firstname

<input type='text' name='txtname'>

<input type='submit' value='search name'>



//database connect


//checking database connection

if ($db==false) {

echo "Connect failed: ". mysqli_connect_error($db);



else {

echo "Connection successful";





from employee

where FIRSTNAME like '%$n%' ";



echo ("Query cannot be executed!<br>");

echo ("SQL Error : ".mysqli_error($db));



echo "<table border=1>";

echo "<tr>";

echo "<td>Employee no</td>";

echo "<td>First name</td>";

echo "<td>Last name</td>";

echo "<td>Department</td>";

echo "<td>Phone ext</td>";

echo "</tr>";


echo "<tr>";

echo "<td>".$rekod['EMPNO']."</td>";

echo "<td>".$rekod['FIRSTNAME']."</td>";

echo "<td>".$rekod['LASTNAME']."</td>";

echo "<td>".$rekod['WORKDEPT']."</td>";

echo "<td>".$rekod['PHONENO']."</td>";

echo "</tr>";



echo "</table>";





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