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//database connect
// database connection
if ($db==false) {
echo "Connect failed: ". mysqli_connect_error($db);
else {
echo "Connection successful";
$sql1="select * from employee where EMPNO='$empno' ";
//fetch all data
Update record
<form name='forminsert' method='get' action=''>
Employee no
<input name='txtempno' type='text' maxlength=6
value='<?php echo $empno;?>' > <br>
<input name='txtfname' type='text'
value='<?php echo $fname;?>' > <br>
<input name='txtlname' type='text'
value='<?php echo $lname;?>' > <br>
<input name='txtdept' type='text'
value='<?php echo $dept;?>' > <br>
<input name='txtphone' type='text'
value='<?php echo $phone;?>' > <br>

<input name='submit' type='submit' value='Save'> <br>


//extract all info from the form

//develop the SQL command
$sql="update employee
set FIRSTNAME='$fname', LASTNAME='$lname',
WORKDEPT='$dept', PHONENO='$phone'
where EMPNO='$empno' ";

//execute the SQL command

//check the execution status
echo "Record cannot be saved!<br>";
echo "SQL Error : ".mysqli_error($db);
echo "<br>Record for $fname update!<br>";
echo "<a href='listing-edit.php'>
List records</a><br>";
}//end NULL


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