I found my old school's (SMK Dato' Sulaiman) blog

SMK Dato’ Sulaiman

As I was searching for my previous secondary school for my back to school project, it actually has a very active blog hosted in Wordpress.com...
I took my SPM on 1993, here I also learned my first programming which is Basic. God it was a horrible yet fun experience. I remember the time we fought for the program diskette which need to be installed each time I need to do my Basic programming. And it was the old 5" floppy diskette.
I also started my first word processing experience using the WordStar. The instructor was my own classmate (which is actually my beloved wife today).


That was end 1993, and was so amused with a very colourful application called Paint. That was the first time I use a PC with Windows operating system version 3.0 ...

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  1. mak aihh.. mana ko dapat gamba komputer oldskool ni kerol? terinat jaman2 dulu


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