Search engine optimization for the website of Malaysian Journal of ICT

I have a new mission promote our first ICT academic journal. The journal is Malaysian Journal of ICT. I need to apply the SEO (search engine optimization) method to make sure the website is ranked high by the search engines (especially Google, Yahoo and Bing). The journal website is at, and the keyword that I have chosen is "journal of ICT" and "ICT journal".

First let me briefly explain what is SEO. It's actually a process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engine via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search engine (

Normally when people use search engine to search for something, they will only open the links suggested in the few early pages of the hit. The first page (of the hit list) is the highest probable click. So it's important to make sure that our website is listed in the top list of the first page. The word that people type on the search engine is called 'keyword'. Concentrating on the right keyword is crucial in order to capture the right audience.

Doing SEO in Blogger ( is much more easier because we can add widget that capable of running JavaScript. Since most of popular/efficient widget is written in JavaScript. And maybe because Blooger is a Google company. However, is restricting the subscriber to insert any widget that has JavaScript. That is a challenge that I have to face.

The first step reading these articles;
What I have done;
Registered the address to Google ( and Yahoo (

To be continued...

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