Search engine optimization for the website of Malaysian Journal of ICT (part 2)

Diffiuclties hosting in
I found it difficult to do any SEO activity in . Why? Because do not allow inserting script. Even a simple JavaScript will be rejected. Hopefully someone has the trick to include JavaScript in the widgets.

URL Submission
Anyway, what I did was to subscribe the web address to the most popular search engines. I chose to subscribe to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Below is the address of the URL submission page;

Generate Content
"Content is the king". The next thing I need to do is creating content as much as I can. Since the publishing date of the journal is on November 2009, I don't think I can publish the articles submitted just yet. I chose to publish the abstract instead. I created list of accepted abstract in order to generate info.


I found a live bookmarking facilities from . This service is interesting since it provides the facilities to add bookmark into most of the popular social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and some other live bookmarking such as delicious, stumbleupon, etc. Adding the button is to promote the visitor to bookmark and actually share the website to their friends.

Bookmark and Share

... to be continued (nextime with different website)

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