DTSI / DTSP 1103 Introduction to Information Technology

These are slides for the lectures;
  1. Introduction to Computers (8.8MB)
  2. Internet and the World Wide Web (12.7MB)
  3. Application Software (6.4MB)
  4. Components of System Unit (5.2MB)
  5. Input (MB)
  6. Output (7.0MB)
  7. Storage (4.9MB)
  8. OS and Utility Program (4.5MB)
  9. Communication and Networks (6.2MB)
  10. Database Management (4.6vMB)
  11. Computer Security and Ethics (5.2MB) 
  12. More to come…

Our official text is Discovering Computers 2011, by Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat–> more info about the book http://www.amazon.com/Discovering-Computers-2011-Gary-Shelly/dp/1439079412

Exam samples
1. DTSI 1103 sesi 2 sept 2009/2010
2. More… library.kuis.edu.my (read the tutorial to retrieve past exam samples)

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