GOLD for Online Multimedia Malay-Arabic Dictionary in ITEX 2010 !

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What is Online Multimedia Malay-Arabic Dictionary (OMMAr)?
It’s an online dictionary that provides text, picture, animation and pronunciation of a word. Currently, it’s only supporting Malay-Arabic. The mobile web version is available at .
Thanx to Muizz, Rizal, Rahman and Ali Reza for the support and the hard work. Also for the research team Azrehan, Che Wan, Syuria, K Juz and Ust Haron, and the genius who did the back-end programming, Azam Amin and also Alifazman

In front of the booth (Ridzal, Muizz, Ali Reza, Marziana, Rahman, and Kerul). We were at the KL Convention Center for 3 consecutive days, 14-16 May 2010.

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