PHP Meetup 2010

A must-attend event for PHP enthusiasts in Malaysia. is organizing a PHP Meetup 2010 at MIMOS, Technology Park ,Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur (26 June 2010, Saturday – 9am - 5pm).

Topics of discussions;
1. Alternative Database System : mongoDB  *I like this session the best.
2. Managing your code : GIT
3. OOP: Gentle Introduction
4. PHP System Implementation in Primary School
5. Overhauling with nginx - part II
6. phpHyppo - a php framework premiere.
7. SQL string manipulation in PHP

Organized by in collaboration with MIMOS Berhad.

Primus Core -
Tri-it -

Do confirm your attendance at


Pics during meetup;

100_0126 The famous meetup banner…

100_0129 Me with the famous meetup banner.

with wmfmail at php meetup 2010

100_0127 Firdaus, aka wmfmail the founder of ALTFA Solutions

100_0133 Firdaus and Izam Fahmi of MFI.

php enterprise talk This picture is from the PHP Enterprise talk…

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