Smartphone (Android) Applet Developer Training Program “ICONapps" - by MSC Malaysia

Calling for software developers to submit your idea proposal and join our 5 days intensive boot camp of "Smartphone (Android) Applet Developer Training Program - ICONapps" by MSC Malaysia.

The Training
Covers the major components of Android applications and their roles, what languages and development tools one uses to create Android applications the first time, and the core business models for making money in the Android ecosystem.
This program is designed by one of the top names in the Android development industry, Mark Murphy, founder of CommonsWare and author of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development (Version 2.0) from US, and supported by our local team, which includes technical directors of award winning Smartphone app. Our evaluation team panel includes representatives from venture capital (VC) community, industry players and MDeC.

Training Sessions


Seats Are Limited! Secure Your Seat Now!!!

How to Apply?

  1. Select your preferred batch to attend.
  2. Call us at 03-89963033 or Email the registration forms to book.
  3. Submit your proposal to
  4. Please submit your application before the application deadline.

Note: Applicant must be Malaysian Citizen and only 1 person per project.

  • Please note that you only need to pay RM500 out of the total training fee. Please retain the original receipt of payment in order to claim it back later.
  • If your proposal is successful you will be informed in 3 working days.
  • Once you have completed the training, you will be encouraged to submit a working prototype (source code) of your app for evaluation before 17th September 2010.
  • If successful, you will be entitled to the following:

1. Refund of RM500 training fee (require original or certified true copy of receipt)
2. Subsidy of a purchase of a development system/android phone of your choice, however the maximum subsidy is RM3500.                       
3. Refund of the cost of putting your apps online (RM90).

Key Features

  • The program Syllabus and materials is based on the work of principal trainer, Mark Murphy’s 3 published Android books updated for Android 2.1, which is recognized as being the best 5 Android development guides.
  • The program will be taught by Mark murphy’s Commonsware trainers, which is an Android consulting firm endorsed and recommended by phone manufacturers, including Motorola Motodev Fast Track development center.
  • Free access to for one year after training.

The Trainers
Mark Murphy (Master Trainer)

  • Written best seller books on Android programming.
  • Mark has developed an Android application for and made it to the finals of the 2nd Android Developer Challenge and it is just a bit less than a four-star rating on the Market today.
  • Mr. Murphy and Commonsware have delivered Android application development training to hundreds of students in the US and Europe, both in public courses and through private on-site training events for corporate customers. Mr. Murphy has delivered Android training to developers and field sales personnel from the three top manufacturers of Android devices, plus other major hardware manufacturers and ISVs.
  • Motorola MotoDev Fast Track development site has specifically recommended Commonsware training and custom development services.
Daniel Freeman (Master Trainer)
  • Android, Java application development expert, with well-regarded accomplishments in the field.
  • Joined British Telecom Laboratories. Became involved in the ‘Skyphone’ development and has beat four worldwide competitors to become an AEEC aeronautical standard.
  • Involved in standardization for the first Pan-European Digital Mobile (GSM) standard and CCITT standards committees in the USA.
  • Involved in My Voice Activity Detector for mobile telephony use, which became a European Standard. This algorithm is still implemented in every GSM mobile phone worldwide. (There are over 3.3 billion phones, and most are GSM).
  • Awarded the ‘IPU4+ Inventors Prize’ by the Intellectual Property Unit of BT for patented inventions.

Shreyamsa B.P (Master Trainer)

· An accomplished professional with more than 9 years of experience, presently working as a Principal Technical Consultant with TechShodha

· Experience across an array of functions including Embedded applications, Hardware design and large IT application development.

· Involvement with design and development of products ranging from handheld application to cloud processing.

· Architect of AVX Realtime Operating System (ported to MCS-51, H8, AVR, ARM7, ARM Cortex M3)

  • Recent Corporate Training Program/Consultation conducted in mobile technology:
      • HELP University, Kuala Lumpur – Android Application Development
      • Knowx Innovation Bangalore – Android Porting to S3C2440 (ARM 9 Controllers)
      • Aricent Technologies, Bangalore – GTK, Gstreamer, Maemo
      • OIC Kuala Lumpur – Symbian Application Development
      • Medha Servo, Hyderabad – Qtopia for handheld devices
      • Sarayu, Bangalore – Linux for mobile platforms (Porting, Device Driver, Application Development)


Venue :   Seminar & Conference Center,

     15th Floor, Menara PKNS,

      Jalan Yong Shook Lin, 46050, PJ
      Tel : 603-76256991/2/3



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