Meet-up 2011–It’s All About Framework

Kumpulan Pengguna PHP Malaysia

The next meet-up is coming soon. Initiated by, and the theme for this year is FRAMEWORK!. Follow the discussion here .

1. Zend Framework
2. CakePHP - Bazet
3. CodeIgniter
4. Symphony
5. PHPHyppo (hymns)
6. Django - framework for Python (Doubt or sy_hadri)
7. Ruby on Rails – still looking for presenter.
8. Grails - framework for JAVA (Malik)

What is It’s a Malay based forum for PHP enthusiasts. We normally hold a meeting once a year to get together and see the forum members face-to-face. It is one of the active forums for PHP programmer and also newbies. Register here to join!!!

See you all at the meetup…

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