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Deploying a website


Deploying a website - Presentation Transcript

    • Intro to Webspace
    • Hosting
    • Domain name
    • Renting a Web Space
    • Registering Domain Name and Webspace
    • FTP
    • A web site must contain content like;
      • HTML files,
      • script (server or client side scripts),
      • text, images,
      • audio or
      • video.
    • These content require space (storage).
    • web space - is the space required to store the web pages or the contents of the web pages on the web server.
    • Must be available 24/7
  2. Webspace (or web space)
    • Data storage space accessed via the Internet, usually used to host websites and data files.
    • Host
    • A computer located on a network that provides file storage or services to other computers on the network
    • Web Server
    • A Web server is a computer
    • that delivers requested Web
    • pages to your computer
  3. Web site (or website)
    • A collection of interlinked web pages with a related topic, usually under a single domain name , which includes an intended starting file called a " home page ".  From the home page, you can get to all the other pages on the website.
  4. Domain name
    • The unique name which identifies an Internet website . Domain names have two or more parts, separated by periods .
    • Example:
      • (this is sub-domain)
  5. Renting a Web Space
    • With the proliferation of free web server accounts offered on the web or with ISP internet access, clients new to the web often wonder why one should pay extra for the commodity.
    • When considering where to host your website, you generally have four choices depending on your needs and resources.
    • Rent shared server space
    • Lease a server
    • Host your own server
    • Free web hosting
  6. 1) Rent Shared Server Space
    • The cheapest option, you pay a small monthly fee and get some server space on a hosting network servicing
    • 10 - 100 other accounts. Everyone has their own domain name and a virtual IP address, but the headache of keeping the server working 24/7 is left to the expert at your hosting network.
    image from -
  7. 2) Leasing a Server
    • For sites with major league hits or desiring more server CPU speed (for lots of audio/video streaming, real time chat, etc.),
    • you can lease a server from a hosting company.
    • Leased servers are dedicated just to your site and maintained 24/7 by qualified network engineers at your hosting network center.
    image from -
  8. 3) Free Hosting
    • No cost
    • No service warranty / guarantee
    • Normally comes with advertisement
    • Limited space
  9. 4) Host Your Own Server
    • Requires some technical skill and the desire to handle all the headaches of keeping your website working,
    • it is possible to host your own web server.
    • Via a DSL or CableModem connection,
    • Best if you have fixed IP address (dynamic IP also possible).
    • PCs can easily be turned into web servers.
    • This option does require a two-way broadband connection (upload and download speeds are equivalent).
    • Everything concerning the web server becomes your responsibility - especially network security.
  10. KUIS Server Room
  11. Registering a Domain Name and Web Space (DEMO) - (I’m a satisfied a customer, why not share)
  12. image from -
  13. image from -
  14. image from -
  15. image from -
  16. image from -
  17. image from -
  18. FTP What is FTP? File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.
  19. FTP client What is FTP client for? Used to connect the local PC to the remote FTP server. It’s still a tool of choice for webmaster to transfer their files back and forth the web hosting. Life as a webmaster is not complete if you don’t master this tool.
  20. WinSCP – a free FTP client
    • WinSCP
    • Open source FTP client
    • Free
    • Good service
    • Fast transfer
    • Provide Secure FTP connection – port 22
    • Download from
  21. WinSCP - demo
    • FTP address
    • port number for standard FTP
    • password
    • username
    • Protocol
    • Login
    • Store the login information
  22. WinSCP
  23. Q&A


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