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Planning and Designing the Website

Planning and Designing the Website (download here)

          Designing a website - Presentation Transcript

          1. Content
          • Web Page Construction
          • The 3Cs of Web Design
          • Top Ten Good Deeds in Web Design (Nielsen, 1999)
          • Static and Dynamic Web Site
          • Static Web Site
          • Dynamic Web Site
          • Static or Dynamic
          1. Web Page Construction
            A good Web page’s author must try to anticipate the needs and interests of the Web page’s readers
            A good Web page is not only based on its looks and design. In fact, a good Web page is the one that can offer information + creative design. Might as well, it can welcome the viewers back to the page
          2. The 3Cs of Web Design
            Simply, always remember the three Cs rules in developing Web Page:
            Quality Content
            Reader Convenience
            Artistic Composition
          3. The 3Cs of Web Design (cont)
            Quality Content
            Make sure you have a quality content to be offered
            Check your facts, cite resources if appropriate and produce a credible structured document
            Reader Convenience
            Think and consider your reader
            Make it easy to find things, to move around your reader and to view the web as you intend it to be viewed
            Also keep download times down to a minimum
          4. The 3Cs of Web Design (cont)
            Artistic Composition
            Have an artistic design
            The look and feel of your web page will only be appreciated if the first two concerns are adequately met
            Beginner web page authors are often enamored with the fun of digital graphics and images.
            It’s fine to have fun, but make sure that the designs are not getting more attention than the content
          5. Top Ten Good Deeds in Web Design (Nielsen, 1999)
            Place your name and logo on every page and make the logo a link to the home page
            Provide search if the site has more than 100 pages
            Write straightforward and simple headlines and page titles
            Structure the page
          6. Top Ten Good Deeds in Web Design (Nielsen, 1999) (cont)
            Use hypertext to structure the content space into a starting page that provides an overview and several secondary pages that each focus on a specific topic
            Use high quality photos
            Use relevance-enhanced image reduction when preparing small photos and images
          7. Top Ten Good Deeds in Web Design (Nielsen, 1999) (cont)
            Use link titles to provide users with a preview of each link
            Ensure that all important pages are accessible for users
            Do the same as most big websites else: if most big websites do something in a certain way, then follow along since user will expect things to work the same on your website
          8. Biggest Mistakes in Web Design
            Believing people care about you and your website.
            can't figure out what your website is about in less than four seconds
            My website is everything
          9. …cont
            5. Have you ever seen another website?
            6. Navigational failure
            7. Site lacks Content
            8. Forgetting the purpose of text
            9. Too much material on one page
            10. Misusing Flash
          10. Some words about pictures (or Flash)
            Pictures are not crawlable.
            Flash in the front page is frustrating (if user has no bandwidth connection)
            Provide options
            Samples of horrible websites
          12. Information overload (crowded)
          13. Bad text (hard to read)
          14. 100% Flash + Bad Navigation
          15. Bad typography
          16. Graphical Menu
          17. Graphical Menu
          18. Flashy – my eyes hurt
          19. Cool Websites Design
          20. Provide Search Facility
          21. Design for Mobile Devices
            Small screen
            Not so powerful browser
            Limited data network
          22. Design for Mobile Devices
            Most of popular CMS provide Mobile plug-ins
          23. Exercise
            Visit the websites above, discuss the weaknesses (based on the 10 Good Deeds in Web Design (Nielsen, 1999) ). Suggest five (5) improvements for each website.


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