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Samsung Galaxy S Update – Official Froyo (Android 2.2)

This article is a simple guide to update your Samsung Galaxy S to Android Froyo. In this hands on, I’m using Windows 7 (64 bit), Kies version, and Samsung Galasy S (GT-I900).

After installing Kies, I have the problem of connecting my smartphone to the PC. Kies cannot detect the phone because of the MTP driver could not be installed. The solution is available here, .

Device Driver software was not sucessfully installedThis is the error while connecting the phone to Kies.

Solution for MTP USB Device driver failed to install:

  1. Close Kies on PC

  2. Connect the phone to PC / Laptop & Select Mass Storage Mode.

  3. Select the USB icon from the Notification section in Samsung Galaxy S to Mount the drive.

  4. You should now see Phone’s Internet Memory (& SD Card) in My Computer.

  5. Download the following utility here and save it on the desktop.

  6. Run the utility click search, then select Phone’s Drive and then SD Card’s Drive (if you have SD card in your phone).

  7. The utility will find the bad files’ list and now you have to go to that location in My Computer and delete all the files listed and then do a research.

  8. Once you get no results as shown below you are good to go.

  9. Search for files with long extension utility in Samsung Galaxy S
  10. Do the same steps for Phone’s Memory & SD Card (if you have one in your phone).

  11. Disconnect your phone and re-connect the USB.

  12. After you do all the instruction, please reinstall the driver by going to :Tools –> Install Drivers” in Kies.

  13. This time select Kies PC Suite option and 100% it will install the MTP USB Device without any problem.


Installing update for Android Froyo

New firmware version available for Samsung Galaxy S - Alert in KIES

Once you could connect you phone to Kies, this is the message of a new firmware available. Choose Update to install the latest firmware. Just follow the steps, and it should be over in less than 30 minutes.

***Make sure to backup your data, files, images, documents, etc before installing. Be sure you have a smooth Internet connection and enough battery for your phone.






Wait while the phone restart, and It’s done. Frankly, I was quite disappointed coz they said that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) upgrade is already available. But not yet in Asia.


  1. From my short experience of using Galaxy S with Froyo, I found out that the stock browser performance is quite sluggish. I believe it’s because of the Flash support. I would like to suggest to change the Flash support from always available to just when you need it.

Advantages so far

  1. No more “Not enough memory” message when I open pictures or documents.
  2. A very nice default Task Manager to improve your phone performance. Easier to get rid of inactive apps from your phone memory. Press and Hold Home button to activate.
  3. Google Voice Action is available (though it’s not that efficient if you’re a native Malay speaker, trying to instruct Android phone in English).
  4. Better GPS operation.
  5. New GMail interface, with more efficient Send Mail function.

Screenshots of the Froyo in the phone in action

Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update: New Home screenSamsung Galaxy S Froyo update: Google Voice ActionSamsung Galaxy S Froyo update: GMail interface

imageimageSamsung Galaxy S Froyo update: USB settings

imageimageSamsung Galaxy S Froyo update: RAM manager

*** The new USB Settings is in “Wireless and Network”. Previously it’s in “About Phone”.


  1. Gingerbread update (Android 2.3) is already available officially. Before you install the update, do update your Kies first, it's available at . After updating Kies, make sure to install the drivers by going to Tools -> Install Drivers .

    I got some difficulties in downloading the firmware due to server problem (request time out). Never mind, just try it again.

    Rumors are in the air saying that Samsung is already preparing Android 2.3.4 update. Follow the news here ->


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