Preparing the APK for Android App Installation

This simple tutorial is provided to generate the APK file for your Android app. This steps is done in the Eclipse Helios, with Windows environment. Frankly, this post is for my reference. This provide the distribution file for you to test your app in a user phone.

APK is the application installer to install your app to an Android phone. In the Eclipse project explorer, right-click your project and choose Export.

generating apk

Choose the Export Android Application.

export android application

Chose the right project.


Use the existing keystore provided by default with your AndroikdSDK installation. Find your debug.keystore file in the .android folder, available in your user folder. And the default password is android.

debug keystore

The androiddebugkey password is android also.

android debug key

Lastly, decide where is the .APK file you’d like to store.


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  1. Find your debug.keystore file E Ledden in the .android folder, available in your user folder


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