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Web Production

The objectives of this subject are;
  1. To understand about Internet and World Wide Web.
  2. Know to apply web publication.
  3. To understand the process of web publishing.
  4. To develop a website, and publish it into the Internet.
Students who successfully complete this course will have gained the following:
  • Able to understand the Internet and World Wide Web.
  • Understand the concept of web publishing.
  • Able to develop a website, and publish it into the Internet.
This course will expose students to Internet and the World Wide Web; the structures, and how they work. Students will design and create Web pages and publish them in the Internet. Apart of that, they will also exposed on how to manage contents, market, and also safeguard their website.

Lecture Sessions
Chapter 1: Introduction to Internet and WWW
Chapter 2: Web Hosting and FTP

Chapter 3: Websites Design Issues
Chapter 4: Website Navigation
Chapter 5: Blogging
Chapter 6: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 7: Content Management System
Chapter 8: Deploying Your Website
Chapter 9: Promoting the Website through Social Media
Chapter 10: Maintaining the Website
Computer Lab Sessions
Lab 1: Basic HTML and tags

Lab 2: Bullets and Numbering

Lab 3: Table

Lab 4: Forms
Lab 5-10: CMS using Joomla!
Lab 11-14: Website Development

1. XAMPP Installer
2. Joomla Installer (


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