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Compilation of Exercise for Web Programming (Control statements)

These are some exercises for Web Programming class. The answers will be posted after the break.

Lab Exercise: Selection – if … else

clip_image002Figure 1

a. Develop the HTML form in Figure 1 (you may ignore the table).

(15 marks)

b. Check whether any of the input below is blank. If there’s any field empty, display the message to tell user about the fields’ condition.

Make sure Password has the same content as Confirm password. If it is not, tell the user that then need to provide the same content.

(20 marks)

Please send the file(s) in zip format;

to “

subject “Lab Exercise If statement <matrix_no>”



Test 1: Web Programming I

Question 1

a. What is the output of the following PHP code execution?

for ($i=0; $i<count($n); $i++){
echo "Loop ".($i+1).": Kumulatif bernilai $purata <br>";
echo "Nilai purata: $purata";

(6 marks)

b. Change the codes in 1(a) from using for statement into foreach statement?

(6 marks)

Question 2

Referring to Figure 2, write a form-validation function that alerts the user not to leave the inputs blank. If both inputs entered, display “THANK YOU”. If username only is entered, display “PLEASE ENTER USERNAME”. And if password field is empty, display “PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD”. Inform the user by displaying the appropriate error message below the buttons.

imageFigure 2

(18 marks)


Test 1: Web Programming

Question 1

a. What is the output of the following PHP code execution?

for ($i=0; $i<4; $i++){
echo ($k . " : http://" . $www[$i] . "<br>");

(4 marks)

b. Change the codes in 1(a) from using for statement into foreach statement?

(6 marks)

Question 2

Malaysian Identification Card (IC) number consists of 12 digits. Normally if the last digit is odd, then the card holder is a male. If the last digit is even, the card holder is female. Write a PHP code to accept the IC number and decide whether the input contains 12 digits. If it is not, display a message “IT IS NOT A VALID IC NUMBER”. If the number is valid, check the IC number whether it is odd or even. If it is even, display a message saying “CARD HOLDER IS A LADY”. If otherwise, then display a message saying “CARD HOLDER IS A GENTLEMAN”. An output example is shown in Figure 3.

Write the PHP code to solve the problem. Provide the HTML form in the answer.

clip_image002[4]Figure 3

(15 marks)


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