Properties window for ADT 11 (on Eclipse Indigo)

Properties window for ADT 11 widget on Eclipse Helios

What is Properties window and why it is important?

Properties window is a place where the IDE put the PROPERTIES of an object (for this context the Android widget). Through this window (appears inside Eclipse), the coder can change any property of a widget Visually. Minimizing the need of hard-coding it in the XML file. You can change the value of a property, enable or disable it through the window.

Here’s how going to do it in Eclipse (Indigo) to display properties of Android screen widget.

Find the icon as in Figure 1 (Show View as Fast View).

imageFigure 1

If you cannot find the Properties icon (image), then click Other… (as in Figure 2).

imageFigure 2

Click the Properties as is highlighted in Figure 3.

imageFigure 3

Drag the Properties window to where you like it (I’d prefer it on the right).

imageFigure 4

And the Properties Window is ready for you.

imageFigure 5


If you find it difficult configure Eclipse and ADT 11, I have a completely configured installer just for U guys. Just download Eclipse Indigo + ADT 11 here (800MB). Extract it in C, and you're ready to go.

(Make sure you have the latest JDK installed in your computer before you run Eclipse)

Tested on Windows 32/64 bit. Set the workspace on c:\adt11-indigo\workspace\ ... Have fun!


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