Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) - Android Development Tips

Force close on Android appWhile running your Android app, the app suddenly freeze and there’s a dialog box asking you to FORCE CLOSE the app. This is what happen when your Android app has RUNTIME ERROR! So what to do? There’s a tool available – DDMS…

DDMS is a must have tool to debug Android apps runtime error. To activate DDMS in the Eclipse, go to Windows –> Open Perspective –> Other… And then choose DDMS. Refer Figure 1 and 2. By default it is available one you download the Android SDK (it’s inside AndroidSDK/tools)…




checking Android Runtime Error using DDMSFigure 1

checking Android Runtime Error using DDMSFigure 2

In Figure 3, you can choose which device you’d like to debug. In my case I have my emulator and the Android phone as the testing platforms. The LogCat is the place you could see warnings and errors messages from the device. Look closely and you’ll see the code line number of the errors.

checking Android Runtime Error using DDMSFigure 3


Further details: http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/debugging/ddms.html


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  2. hai! saya ann. sy student degree dan tengah buat projek pasal android malware menggunakan statik analisis. boleh saya tahu cara penggunaan DDMS dengan lebih lanjut?


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