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How to pause Audio while Call is Incoming–Android

How to pause Audio while Call is Incoming in AndroidWhile developing m-mathurat, I have this problem on handling incoming call while playing the audio for the recitation. The recitation audio is the main feature of m-mathurat, however as a phone, CALLs are the top priority. I don’t want the recitation audio to interfere the conversation. Previously, the incoming call interrupts is not even thought of. As the consequence of neglecting this issue, I can hear the recitation sound while talking to a caller. This does disturb me coz I cannot here the caller voice clearly.

I notice this problem may occur in Android 2.1 and 2.2. However in Gingerbread (Android 2.3) this issue is handle automatically by the Android OS itself. Any audio playing while talking to a caller, will be minimized. Meaning that you still can only hear the audio/song however not too loud (considered not disrupting the conversation).

This tutorial is continuation of previous tutorial available here

Adding uses-permission to read the phone state

But before that, you must put this uses-permission in the AndroidManifest.xml (since this is considered a privacy issue, so telling the user prior installation is a must).

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" />

The special class PhoneStateListener

The solution is related to a class named PhoneStateListener. I put it in the main activity class. This is the class to handle the Phone-State change. If there’s incoming / outcoming call, this class will be invoked.

This is the code part of the PhoneStateListener, for the complete source follow the link at the bottom of article.

//this is ONLY part of the code, refer bpottom of article 
//to download complete code

public class BacaFatihahActivity extends Activity {
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
private MediaPlayer mp;
//this is a code segmentation
//THis two lines of codes need to be inserted to the onCreate method
//This following codes dealing with the phone-state
//detect voice incoming call
//onCallStateChanged method will be executed if there's incoming
//or outcoming call
PhoneStateListener phoneStateListener = new PhoneStateListener() {
public void onCallStateChanged(int state, String incomingNumber) {
if (state == TelephonyManager.CALL_STATE_RINGING) {
//do all necessary action to pause the audio
if(mp!=null){//check mp
setPlayerButton(true, false, true);



} else if(state == TelephonyManager.CALL_STATE_IDLE) {
//do anything if the phone-state is idle
} else if(state == TelephonyManager.CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK) {
//A call is dialing, active or on hold
//do all necessary action to pause the audio
//do something here
if(mp!=null){//check mp
setPlayerButton(true, false, true);


super.onCallStateChanged(state, incomingNumber);
};//end PhoneStateListener

TelephonyManager mgr = (TelephonyManager) getSystemService(TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
if(mgr != null) {
mgr.listen(phoneStateListener, PhoneStateListener.LISTEN_CALL_STATE);

}//end onCreate

}//end class



This is the complete source code;


  1. Hi,

    When i enable my own radioplayer the audio will stop when i get a call but it won't start automaticly again.

    In your code i don't see any mp.start so i think that is the problem, but i couldnt get it too work


    1. Hi Weeman,
      After u finish the conversation, the call status is idle. You need to code something in the
      state == TelephonyManager.CALL_STATE_IDLE

      else if(state == TelephonyManager.CALL_STATE_IDLE) {
      //play the sound that u pause here

  2. how to implement call forwarding ?


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