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Automated Assessment of Basic C Programming using Pseudo-Code Comparison Technique

This is the tool to execute the above mentioned experiment. I’m providing the code so that any interested party can improve this experiment.


Programming exercise is an important activity in learning any programming language. In order to acquire the skill to program is by doing a lot of programming exercises. However, if the instructors give more exercises, the more workload they will bear to assess and grade all the exercises submitted by their students. The workload can be reduced if the instructors are provided with a tool that can assesses and grades the programming exercises automatically. Automated programming assessment is a method to evaluate and to grade students’ programming exercises without the hassle of doing it manually. This application is developed to assess student C programming exercises based on the pseudocodes. The purpose of this project is to find the percentage of the pseudocode similarity between student’s answer and the instructor’s scheme. The method used in the software is by translating the students’ programming answer and all the instructors’ answer schemes into pseudocode. The software will compare the students’ pseudocode with all the pseudocode from the instructors’ answer schemes. The highest percentage of similarities will be chosen for the mark. A test has been carried out to compare marks given by the software with the marks given manually by the instructor. The result is 95% of the marks given by the software are similar to the marks given by the instructor. From this research, programming instructor could assess their students’ programming answer automatically in a faster and more efficient manner.

1. The screenshot of the online tool;

Try @

Automated Assessment of Basic C Programming using Pseudo-Code Comparison Technique - Online tool

Automated Assessment of Basic C Programming using Pseudo-Code Comparison Technique - Online tool

2. The sourcedoce;

Download @

3. The design of the tool;

4. The reports related to this experiment;


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