MakeWeekend @Negeri Sembilan–hosted by USIM is a movement to promote invention or creating something awesome.

We are here to pitch for our simple mobile apps called “Peribahasa Scanner”. It’s an app that utilises the camera facility in your smartphone, scan a part of a Malay literature book, and will recognise any proverb appear in the captured text.

We had awesome time, trying to solve the problem in two days. Unfortunately the key feature (the OCR) is still not doable (yet). We’ll continue next time.

Several good references for the coding part;

Intent intent = new Intent("android.intent.action.MAIN");

android - Open another application from your own (intent) - Stack Overflow

I know how to update my own programs, and I know how to open programs using the a predefined Uri (for sms or email for example)

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Some pictures from the event;


Our product demo: PERIBAHASA SCANNER in action…


  1. wow, really awesome. cangih. want it someday.

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  3. We're working very hard to make it possible. Hopefully gonna materialised very soon...


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