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Training on Microsoft SQL Server for Beginner - Intermediate

Microsoft SQL server trainingKUISCELL database SQL

This training will be organised by KUISCELL Sdn Bhd and targeted to corporate clients. Kindly contact me at for request of quotation.

This is the course outline for 4 days.

KUISCELL Short Course


Microsoft SQL for Beginner - Intermediate


4 days (5 hours x 4 days)


Microsoft produced their own Database Server which famously known as Microsoft SQL Server. This database system calibrates all the Microsoft functionalities whether it is on desktop, client server or web based environment. As a result new integrated system such as Microsoft Dynamic CMS (Microsoft version of SAP), Share Point being developed rapidly using this database infrastructure. Its ability is ranging from small till enterprise solutions. Users will be exposed to the new version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The SQL standard has sublanguages such as:

  • Data Manipulation Language (DML): SELECT statements and action queries (DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT INTO, ...)
  • Data Definition Language (DDL): Statements that alter the schema (changing the tables, fields, indexes, relations, queries, etc.)

Skills Gained

At the end of the course, participant should be able to;

· Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and the related components

· Understand the Database Concept

    • ERD Diagram
    • FLOW Chart
    • Primary Keys , Foreign Keys, etc

· Able to write SQL statement from the basic to the intermediate commands

· Able to perform automate backup and restore of created database

Who Can Benefit

· New and experienced application and database developers who wish to expand their toolset and specialize in creating and dealing Microsoft SQL Server capabilities.

· Developers seeking a career as an database developer and administrator

· Those new to database design and development.

· Anyone who started building a database application and needs help putting all the pieces together.


· Have working experienced in related fields.

· Knowledge in Web application using any languages and databases format is highly recommended.

· A computer running Windows with approximately 10GB of free disk space and 4GB of RAM.

Day 1

     Module 1.

Introduction to Database

Primary Keys , Foreign Keys , etc

Entity Relationship Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

     Module 2.

Overview of MSSQL Server 2012

Installation of MSSQL Server

     Module 3.
Understanding the Query Flow
Syntactical Flow of the Query Statement
Logical Flow of the Query Statement
From Clause Data Sources
Possible Data Sources
Named Ranges
[Table Name]
Four-Part Table Names



     Module 4:
Where Conditions
Using the Between Search Condition
Using the In Search Condition
Using the Like Search Condition
Multiple Where Conditions
Ordering the Result Set
Specifying the Order by Using Column Names
Specifying the Order by Using Expressions
Order by and Collation
Select Distinct
     Module 5:
Scalar Functions
User Information Functions
Data-Time Functions
String Functions



     Module 6:
Inner Joins
Creating Inner Joins within SQL Code
Number of Rows Returned
Multiple Table Joins
Outer Joins
Outer Joins and Optional Full Outer Joins
Placing the Conditions within Outer Joins
Multiple-Condition Joins
     Module 7:
Using Unions
Intersection Union
     Module 8:
Simple Subqueries
Using Scalar Subqueries
Using Subqueries as Lists
Using Subqueries as Tables
Simple Aggregations
Basic Aggregations
Grouping within a Result Set
Simple Groupings
Aggravating Queries



     Module 9:
Why Use Views?
Working with Views
Creating Views with DDL Code
Order By and Views
View Restrictions
Executing Views
     Module 10:
Inserting Data
Inserting One Row of Values
Inserting the Result Set from a Stored Procedure
Updating Data
Updating a Single Table
Deleting Data
Creating Tables
Creating Primary Keys
Primary Keys
Creating Foreign Keys
     Module 11:
DDL Triggers
Creating and Altering DDL Triggers
Enabling and Disabling DDL Triggers
Implementing Triggers



Ahmad Kamal Ramli

Master in Computer Network (Computer Science), UiTM.

Bachelor in I. T. (Hons), UTP

Aisyah Mat Jasin

Master in Real Time Software Engineering, UTM

Bachelor in IT (Artificial Intelligent), UUM


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