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International Conference on Translation 2013, Penang, Malaysia

Translator and Interpreter Education and Training: Innovation, Assessment and Recognition.

Submit your abstract before 31 January 2013, to .

Conference date: 27 – 29 August 2013
Park Royal Hotel, Penang, MALAYSIA.

International Conference on Translation 2013- Penang- Malaysia




‘Translator and Interpreter Training: Innovation, Assessment and Recognition’

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

27-29 August 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the biennual 14th International Conference of Translation (Persidangan Penterjemahan Antarabangsa Ke-14, PPA-14) and the FIT 7th Asian Translators’ Forum (ATF-7) to be held from 27 to 29 August 2013.  Both conference and forum is jointly organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysian National Institute of Books & Translation (ITBM), Malaysian Translators Association (MTA) and Institute of Language and Literature (DBP), under the patronage of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.  The theme of the conference is:


The conference aims at bringing together academics, researchers, professionals and practitioners from Asia and worldwide for a productive and rewarding exchange of insights, experiences, views and perspectives on current and future developments in translation and interpreting training. While the PPA has been organized bienually, the 7th ATF will be the first time ever organized by these bodies in Malaysia.  The ATF is held every three years under the auspices of the International Translators’ Federation/Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT).

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate in this conference and to present papers on the sub-themes listed in the Call for the Papers below. We would be most grateful if you could circulate the information about the conference within your institution too.  If you require more information, please feel free to email the PPA14 & ATF7 2013 Organising Committee at


We are delighted that the following eight distinguished academics, all leading researchers and educators in translation and interpreting, will be delivering their plenary lectures at PPA-14 & ATF-7, 2013:

  • Emeritus Professor Muhammad Hj. Salleh (National Laureate)(Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Professor Dr. Christiane Nord (European Association of Translation Studies)
  • Professor Chan Sin-Wei (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Professor Jeremy Munday (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Assoc. Professor Franz Pöchhacker (University of Vienna)
  • Assoc. Professor Jemina Napier (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)
  • Dr. Jorge Diaz-Cintas (Imperial College, London)
  • Assoc. Professor Hasuria Che Omar (Universiti Sains Malaysia)


PPA-14 & ATF-7, 2013 Organising Committee invites submissions for Paper Presentations on one of the following sub-themes:

  • Training Programme in Translation and Interpreting
  • Training and Industry
  • Innovation in Translator and Interpreter Training
  • Translation and Interpreting Education and Localisation
  • Technology Literacy in Translation
  • Accreditation and Recognition
  • Translation in Various Field/Texts &  Special Education
  • Translation, Interpreting, Tourism and Heritage
  • Translation and Interpreting Assessment
  • Current Trends in Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • Translator Training in Professional Settings
  • Challenges and Prospects in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Presentation proposals can be submitted to in word 2003/2007 format, latest by 31 December 2012 31 Jan 2013. The language medium for all presentations at the conference is English and Malay.


  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 December 2012 31 Jan 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2013
  • Final Manuscripts due: 31 May 2013


Registration for the conference will commence from 1 April 2013.  Registration fees are as follows:

  • Early-bird registration (on or before 30 April 2013): MYR 600/USD 400
  • Regular registration fee (after 30 April 2013): MYR 700/USD 450
  • Students  (from M’sian universities,  with ID card): MYR 400
  • Members of the organisation  [USM/ITBM/MTA/DBP]
  • Early-bird registration (on or before 30 April 2013): MYR 500
  • Regular registration fee (after 30 April 2013 ): MYR 600

* The registration fee includes conference proceedings, luncheons & coffee/tea breaks.


Park Royal Hotel, Batu Feringghi, Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA


For updates on PPA-14 and ATF-7 please visit the conference website regularly at

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email the Organising Committee, or call +604-653 3332/3378/2849/4183 [Secretariat], or +603-9226 2506 [Madam Saodah Abdullah] or  +603-4145 1900 [Mr. Sakri Abdullah].


The Secretariat

14th International Conference on Translation & 7th Asian Translators’ Forum,

School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

11800 Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA

Tel   : 04-653 3332/2859/4183

Fax : 04- 656 3707





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