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Nokia s40 dev with Nokia SDK


Currently atttending Celcom Developers Challenge, Nokia s40 apps development.

Submit your S40 ideas today for a chance to win cash prizes and Nokia ASHA phones! Just follow these steps to get started:

Step 1:
Register your app ideas by completing this form.

Step 2:
Develop your app once it's approved

Step 3:
Submit your app here by 28 February 2013

Evaluation Criteria

Your app(s) will be judged on the following criteria:

Innovation � 15%
Appeal � 15%
Usability � 20%
Technical � 20%
Total Downloads � 30%


Failed to load JVM.dll (Nokia SDK v1)

NOKIA SDK 1.0, Failed to load share library for jvm.dll.

Use JDK 32 bit (not 64) coz this Nokia SDK is based on Eclipse 32 bit (not 64). If you’re using 64 bit please bare in mind. The best is download JDK 1.6.038 (32 bit).


Nokia IDE – issues, cannot load the device.

- GO to Windows-> Preferences –> Device Management, and click Manually Install. Point to the Nokia SDK.





Sample Code – Displaying the Contacts in your phone –

package contactkerul;

import java.util.Enumeration;

import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;
import javax.microedition.pim.PIM;
import javax.microedition.pim.PIMException;
import javax.microedition.pim.Contact;
import javax.microedition.pim.ContactList;

import com.sun.lwuit.Button;
import com.sun.lwuit.Display;
import com.sun.lwuit.Form;
import com.sun.lwuit.List;
import com.sun.lwuit.TextArea;
import com.sun.lwuit.TextField;
import com.sun.lwuit.layouts.BoxLayout;
import com.sun.lwuit.list.DefaultListModel;

public class ContactBookDemo extends MIDlet {
private List contactList=null;
private PIM pim=null;

public ContactBookDemo() {
// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

protected void destroyApp(boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub


protected void pauseApp() {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub


protected void startApp() throws MIDletStateChangeException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
Form f=new Form("Hello Kerul");

//PIM to show
f.setLayout(new BoxLayout(BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
contactList=new List();


final TextArea searchField=TextField.create();

Button searchButton=new Button("Search");
searchButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){


//show form;


//the function populateContactList
private void populateContactList(String searchTerm){
contactList.setModel(new DefaultListModel());
String[] pimListNames=pim.listPIMLists(PIM.CONTACT_LIST);
for(int i=0; i < pimListNames.length; ++i){
ContactList cl=(ContactList) pim.openPIMList(
Enumeration items =cl.items(searchTerm);
while (items.hasMoreElements()){
Contact c=(Contact)items.nextElement();
contactList.addItem(c.getString(Contact.FORMATTED_NAME, 0));
}//end while
}catch(PIMException ex){
}//end try catch

contactList.addItem("No matches");
}//end populateContactList


Sadly, maximum you can upload only 2MB of the installation package of your apps to Ovi Store, s40 does not have local database, and you need to consider the low speed connection since most of the Asha line only support 2.5G Internet connection…

Support -

Seriously coding…



The friendly instructors…


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