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I am Alex Nordeen Editor at Guru99.  Our Goal is to provide Fun and Free Education for ALL
I was doing a little analysis on JAVA and that I discovered your page
and I noticed you linked

I want to highlight on that we recently create tutorials on JAVA (  that took 190+ hours to create with superbly annotated screenshots, videos and is incredibly comprehensive.

The tutorials are created by an Oracle veteran and that I have personally edited them.
The course covers

  • JAVA Basics like Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and download and Install Guide.
  • It also introduces concepts of OOPs, Constructors, Inheritance, Memory Management, Exception Handling and Conditional Loops.
  • We also touch on advanced topics like Multithreading, Timer and Java Reflection API.

Do you feel it might be an honest appropriate your audience? might be worth a mention :)
Here is the Link for Review:
Might be worth a mention. :)
Do you feel it could be a good fit for your audience?  I'd love to know what know what you think!

Alex Nordeen |

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