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I’ve been playing with this blogging tool for the past 2 months, and I have to say that this tool is a must have for blogger. – Download here http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/

STANDARD – It has formatting features, spell-checker, easier image manipulation, map, hyperlink (where it has open in new window option), save locally, and many more…

WHERE TO GET IT – It’s freely available from live.microsoft.com. Yes, it’s from microsoft. The company who don’t really like to offer freebies to the internet community (hopefully it will stay free forever).

PLUG-INs - There are a lot of useful plug-ins offered by developers to make your blogging much more easier. I really like the Insert Source Code plugin. It provides easy reformatting, line numbering and code coloring of your programming code segment. Things that I need to do the very hard way previously.

IMAGEs – Since my blog hosting is provided by blogger.com, and normally they store the images in picassa. I notice that by using this blog editor, they provide different image hosting. I’m not sure is there any difficulties afterward.

COMPATIBILITY – I have tried to re-edit my blog, which I posted from Writer, in Blooger’s standard editor… and it works just fine. Except the difficulties to edit the program segment. Blooger.com claim that Writer is not compatible with it’s standard post, but I don’t see any problem currently.

Happy blogging…


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