KUIS students' portal

Since many of the blog visitors are directed from this search term;
kuis + student + portal ,
I would like to provide the exact address of the KUIS students' portal is actually here;
***Thanks to Nugie Doank, now u can use any browsers to access the portal, YEAY!!!


Other important links;

  1. Download KUIS past exam papers tutorial - http://blog.kerul.net/2009/02/more-exam-paper-from-kuis-library.html
  2. KUIS Llibrary URL - http://library.kuis.edu.my:8000/
  3. FSTM wbesite, http://www.kuis.edu.my/fstm/
  4. Diploma in E-Commerce: http://www.kuis.edu.my/fstm/ecommerce/
  5. Bahagaian Pembangunan Mahasiswa KUIS (http://www.jpmkuis.com/).

New KUIS Logo - 2011

Logo KUIS 2011 GIF

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