Experiment in Using Blog as a Learning tool

I just presented this paper on 11 June 2009, tittled Initial experiment in Using Blog as a Learning Aid. Presented at International Conference on Educational Research and Practice (ICERP) 2009...

The paper is to report an initial study on the students’ satisfaction in using blog (weblog) system as a learning-aid. For the purpose of this study, the authors had prepared a blog for the subject of Web Programming. This blog is a place where the lecturer posts the syllabus, lecture notes, presentations slides, lab manual, assignments, discussions, code samples and also announcements. The students are required to visit the blog to download the notes and to participate in the discussions. This study is to investigate the students’ experience of using blog as a learning tool. It is a quantitative survey to find out whether the students having a good or bad experience in using the blog. The authors also would like to know the students’ experience in using the blog; flexibility, content presentation or arrangement, communication, experience through blog, update medium, navigation and overall experience.

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