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I  envied the mobile version of , now not anymore. Last week blogspot answered my request by providing mobile version view for . Why this feature is important? Well, obviously it’s because of the smartphones’ “big bang”! With the advance phone features, and still expensive data transfer rate, providing simple and fast website is crucial. We don’t want to disappoint our visitor when our website is so big and contains complicated script that cannot be viewed from the small-size phone screen.




For the mobile version, just key in the regular address , if you’re accessing from mobile device, it will automatically redirected. Or use any barcode scanner and scan the QR-code below.



For any blogger who wish to have the mobile version, login your blogger dashboard at to enable this mode. Once you’re logged in, go to your blog settings > Mobile and Email. Choose YES for Show mobile template on mobile devices.

show mobile template pn mobile devices


Please go to for more help.

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