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Post your blog article through mobile blog writer apps

My favourite book shop is MPH Mid Valley. There're a lot of latest IT books at reasonable price. Travelling to Mid Valley by car is a horrible experience since I have to face a stream of cars moving bumper to bumper along the Federal Highway. Parking is also hard to find plus the expensive fee.

Train is the cheaper alternative of transportation, although I found it very crampy especially in the peak hours and weekend. The train schedule is always unreliable and it's a boring journey if you forgot to bring reading materials. Luckily,  now I have my smartphone equipped with blog writer apps.

The two major blog hosting providers, and, have published official apps for their mobile blog writer respectively. For Android platform, both apps are available for free at the Android Market. However I cannot download Blogger apps from my phone.  Android Market said “the item cannot be installed on your device's country”. My location is in Malaysia,  and I'm using Maxis network. I had to download Blogger app from outside Android Market (just type “download blogger .apk” in Google search, you’re responsible for the risk ) .

Blogger at Android MarketWordpress at Android Market

From my observations after trying both apps, I found out that Wordpress has the better apps in terms of editing your post and managing your blog. You could moderate comments, and edit the existing post, while Blogger could do both. I also having some difficulties placing the cursor to the desired place. I'm not sure whether the problem is in the apps or Android. Unfortunately the Wordpress apps cannot manage blogs hosted in Be carefully of the location detection feature. You might not want to expose your location.

Anyway, I still prefer the Microsoft Live Writer, it's easier to do keyword optimization and very good in handling code samples.

*There're studies saying that blogging is a less popular activity among the Internet users. Why is that so? Social networking and microblogging is over shadowing blogging because they required a very small amount of words.  Blogging is draining a vast amount of your time and thoughts. I believe it's a very good exercise for my brain. Considering the fact that I need to publish more academic papers in the near future. So, need to write any where and any time.

**This post is written and published from Blogger Android App...

*** Somehow, I have to re-edit the post using MS Live Writer.

Have fun mobile blogging…

Blogger mobile app screenshotBlogger app.
Wordpress mobile app screenshotWordpress app.




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