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Thanks to MS Windows Live Writer

The most important tools I’m using to develop content in my blogs is the article editor. The MS Windows Live Writer provides the most user friendly and easy of all the blog composer. And it’s FREE…

More information and download here at


And the my favourite (coder blog) plug-ins is the Code Snippets ( Below is Code Snippets in action. With lots of color coding schemes for programming languages.


   1: //code sample
   2: package com.kerul.kamusmm;
   4: import;
   5: import android.content.Intent;
   6: import android.database.Cursor;
   7: import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;
   8: import;
   9: import;
  10: import android.os.Bundle;
  11: import android.widget.TabHost;
  12: import android.widget.TabHost.TabSpec;
  13: import android.widget.Toast;
  15: @SuppressWarnings("deprecation")
  16: public class kamusmm extends TabActivity {
  17:     protected TabHost tabHost;
  18:     protected MyDBHelper myDBHelper;
  19:     protected Cursor cursor;
  20:     protected SQLiteDatabase db;
  21:     @Override
  22:     public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  23:         super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);        
  25:         //set tab for dictionaries
  26:         tabHost = getTabHost();
  27:         //setTypeface(Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),"dejavusans.ttf"));
  28:         String internetneeded="This app requires Internet connection to download image and pronunciation.";
  29:         Toast.makeText(this.getApplicationContext(), internetneeded, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
  30:         newTabIntent("Melayu", null, m2a.class);
  31:         //newTabIntent(ArabicUtilities.reshape("\u1575\u1604\u1593\u1585\u1576\u1610\u1577"), null, a2m.class);//العربية
  32:         newTabIntent("Arab", null, a2m.class);
  33:         newTabIntent("English", null, e2ma.class);
  34:         tabHost.setCurrentTab(0); 
  36:     }
  38:     protected void newTabIntent(String label, Drawable icon, Class<?> pageClass) {
  39:         TabSpec tabSpec = tabHost.newTabSpec(label);
  40:         tabSpec.setIndicator(label, icon);
  41:         //tabSpec.set
  42:         tabSpec.setContent(new Intent(this, pageClass));
  43:         tabHost.addTab(tabSpec);
  44:     }
  45: }


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